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Rule #1- Fighting
There is to be no excessive fighting. I'm not saying you can't get angry at people, but do not argue in front of others and either member of the fight has the right to report it to a minimod, mod, or admin. Keep the fighting to a minimum and think about what you say before you say it. A fight can ruin a friendship, and if harsh things are said, it can really hurt somebodys self esteem and feelings.

Rule #2- Advertising
There is to be NO spamming with advertising or random gibberish advertising things like tv networks. I don't care if you talk about an app or your site or something, but you guys know when enough is enough

Rule #3- 'It'
You know what I am talking about. Do not take it too far. There is to be absolutely NO roleplays based on it. You will stop after the removal of clothes and say 'Fades to black' or something similar. I will allow MINOR roleplaying of it in Private Roleplays. HOWEVER, don't go too far (especially if the other person isn't comfortable with it) and you must delete your posts. If you both wish to take it further and not have to deal with deleting posts, you may rp through PMs

Rule #4- Safety
Absolutely NO threats are to be given out. If an admin, mod or mini mod hears about threats being given out there will be serious consequences. If a member knows about any threats or feels threatened, they should report it immediately. If you feel uncomfortable around a member or something, tell an admin.

Rule #5- Pictures
No inappropriate pictures, gang pictures/signs, or anything like that. As for profile pictures, you may not have a huge profile picture. You also may not have a huge signature. No longer than your index finger. It makes it extremely hard to scroll through things on mobile and is just plain annoying, really.

Rule #6- Respect
Minimum Cursing please. I can and will censor words if it becomes a problem. Please respect other members. No ignoring people- give them a legitimate reason why you do not want to talk to them/ want to roleplay with them, whatever.

Rule #7- Roleplaying
Please be an active roleplayer and try your best to do more than one line posts. Here's an example.

Instead of...
Shay walked down the street to the bakery. He opened the door and said hi to his friend.

Shay casually walked down Walnut Lane, hands stuffed in his jacket pockets, head dipped so as to block the wind from his face. He shivered and began walking faster and cursing under his breath as the wind ripped the hood from his head. He finally reached the bakery and walked inside, grateful for the heat. He greeted his girlfriend with a smile as he took off his coat and sat down in the chair across from her.

Or even just add a few words...
Shay walked quickly down the street, shivering from the wind. When he finally got to the bakery at the end of Walnut Lane, he opened the door and was greeted by a rush of hot air. He smiled at his girlfriend and sat down across from her.

Rule #8- This site was made for people to chat roleplay and have fun. Please do not come on and be grumpy all the time.

There will be consequences if one of these rules are broken. Thank you for reading

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