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An abandoned insane asylum, a group of teens, a movie in the making.

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At school you see a signup sheet on various bulletin boards. This signup sheet is different from any of the other ones. It includes being in a reality movie made by students and it also includes going to the huge abandoned castle insane asylum on the big hill. It has been opened in 1892 and closed in 1987. Teens have gone in before to vandalize the place with graffiti but none have ever gone to try to learn about the patients. To learn about their past. Their stories. Well that's what this movie is about. The asylum has been torn apart and stuff is everywhere. It is the most famous insane asylum in the world. People have sneaked in to steal stuff. Files from past patients litter the floors. The job of each student is to find a file and try to uncover that patient's story, no matter how horrific. Then something terrible happens. They get locked inside. Until they figure out the stories of countless patients, they cannot escape. Oh there's one other things: the place is haunted. Have fun! Very Happy

1. All site rules apply
2. Limited cussing please
3. No fighting in OOC
4. Love happens, but not instantly.
5. Drama is okay but not too much
6. Sex is fades to black once it gets past taking clothes off
7. I'd like the patients to not have boring pasts, make it interesting
8. They hired professional cameramen to accompany them into the asylum and the group will be divided into pairs, each pair has a cameraman to follow them around.
9. I can add more rules later, if any are missing please let me know
10. Have fun!


General Information:

Sexual Orientation:

Going Deeper:

Why did you join this group?:

Physical Information:

Eye color:
Hair Color and Style:
Identifying Marks:

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Joining, but I don't have time right now :p

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General Information:

Name: Mia Hanson
Nickname: Make one
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush: No one at the time
BF/GF: Nope

Going Deeper:

Personality: Mia a really sweet, loving girl, she could make anyone smile if they let her try. She is also an easy-going and laid back girl, making it easy for her to get along with most personalities. She is also a shy girl, she won't approach someone she doesn't know, unless she is introduced. Adding to that, she is a loner!
History: She just grew up in a normal, loving family. Her father wasn't really home all that much though because he had to work two jobs to support his family.
Why did you join this group?: She's always looking for new adventures to go one and this seemed like a good one to go one

Physical Information:

Eye color: An abandoned insane asylum, a group of teens, a movie in the making. Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR9d6lr8Cjq-_y4KXKODQVpdIP_9oXqKfqfEe2YOrSulCaf26IDhQ
Hair Color and Style: Photo
Identifying Marks: She has a scar running down her side
Looks: An abandoned insane asylum, a group of teens, a movie in the making. Pbucket

General Information:

Name: Justin Star
Nickname: Make one
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush: None
BF/GF: Nope

Going Deeper:

Personality: He's fun-loving and a goof-ball. Even when your at your saddest, he will do everything he can to make you smile. He's very smart and will think about a problem though before making any move to correct it
History: His mother died in a car accident when he was very young, just a year after his baby sister was born. His father tried his best to care for them and when he was fifteen he started working part-time after school to help support
Why did you join this group?: He thought it was a good opportunity

Physical Information:

Eye color: A dark green
Hair Color and Style: Photo
Identifying Marks: None
Looks: An abandoned insane asylum, a group of teens, a movie in the making. Modern-teenage-boy_s-bedroom-ideas-1_1-800X800

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I will post my charries soon :3 Accepted! Thanks for joining!

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I'll join soon :3

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Oops I forgot to post my charries D:

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So post 'em xD

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